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Super Large LED Digital Calendar Clock


This clock has a huge bright red, easy to read and use big digit LED display- 20 inches wide, with hours minutes and seconds and with the day and date and temperature all on one screen! The remote control controls all functions so never get up from your chair! The clock can show 24 hour time or regular 12 hour time. A total of 8 separate alarms with different chimes are available plus an additional alarm you can set to ring on the hour every hour (except  9pm to 7am). These alarms allow you to organize your day around the important times in your life. No more forgetting what day it is! A quick glance at this LED Calendar Multi-Alarm will remind you. Our week is usually filled with appointments and daily chores. It helps to have a calendar alarm clock handy to help us remember the day and date and remind us of important times. This makes the Large Calendar Multi-Alarm LED Clock perfect for the office, the kitchen or family room. Crystal clear and easy-to-read red letters and numbers stand out against a black background. The clock has a large, super bright display 20 inches wide that shows the time on top with the day of the week,  the date and the temperature  along the bottom. A black frame completes a very contemporary look and fits in anywhere. The Large Calendar Multi-Alarm Clock with Seconds can stand upright on a table or be hung on the wall. The AC adaptor (included) plugs into a recessed outlet on the back so the clock will still hang straight.


The Large Calendar Multi-Alarm LED Clock with Seconds and remote control makes a great gift for an aging parent, especially one with low vision or who has a memory issue. The big digital LED display provides this important information in a way that is so clear and easy to read they are sure to love it.


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Super Large LED Digital Calendar Clock




  • 8 separate alarms, each with a different chime
  • Additional Alarm ringing on the hour option (except 9pm-7am)
  • Remote Control operation for all functions
  • Single screen display with everything displayed
  • Time display: Hours-Minutes-Seconds
  • Day, Date and Month Calendar display.
  • Temperature display F
  • Super bright display can be seen from as much as 90 feet
  • 12/24 hour operation
  • Mirror surface for absolute clarity
  • Internal back-up battery for power interruption
  • For office, home, schools, classrooms, bedroom, canteen, warehouse, workroom, hotel, table, hospital, coffee room, bar anywhere you want to place it
  • Size is 20" x 7.5" x 2" - Weight 3 lb.
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This is the best product on the market. Worth every penny. My 90 year old mother had a hard time keeping track of the day and date and reading any clock from a distance and this fit every bill. Everyone that's seen it asked "where'd you get that" and "Wow, that's really great" and it sure is. Thank you so much!
JD, Birmingham


Bought this for my Mom, who has dementia. Hung it right across from her bed and every morning she wakes and knows what day it is. She raves how it helps her all through the day. Before she was constantly asking, but now she is empowered and proud she doesn't have to ask anymore. The staff at her nursing home all ask where I purchased it, and want it for their loved ones. Completely satisfied with this purchase!
Ellen B, New York


This clock is the answer to poor vision. The numbers are bold and bright, easily seen across a large room. Makes life a little easier.
Allan W, Bakersfield, CA



  • Dimensions: 20"W x 7.5"H x 1.75"D
  • Time display: 3"H
  • Calendar display: 0.8"H
  • The clock is leap year compatible
  • 4 buttons for setting the time and date.
  • A special chip means it will not lose time and alarm and date setting in a power outage.
  • 1 year warranty
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If you are not pleased with the LARGE CALENDAR MULTI-ALARM LED CLOCK WITH SECONDS just return it within 30 days for a full refund--no questions asked!!

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