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Model #113


SIZE 12" x 6" x 1.7"

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  • 4 inch (102 mm) LED Clock Digits
  • Two Alarms
  • Calendar and Temperature
  • Time only display if desired
  • 5 other display options, Calendar, Time, Temp etc.
  • 5 Different brightness levels
  • 12 hour or 24 hour operation
  • Remote control for all settings.
  • Alarms on and AM PM INDICATOR LIGHTS
  • Wake up to Buzzer
  • Bedside or Desk Placement
  • Wall mountable also
  • 3 AAA batteries back-up stores clock and alarm times in case of power outage
  • Alarm beeps for more than 5 minutes
  • Has an 8 minute snooze if you need more sleep
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Never squint to see the time again.


This bright LED clock is large and easy to see from quite a distance. The huge 4" high numbers are red on a black background, providing good contrast for individuals with low vision. Use it at your bedside or mount it on the wall.


The wireless remote control makes setting the clock easy from anywhere in the room. Control all the clock's functions without getting out of bed or your favorite chair! The remote lets you set the time or alarm, turn the alarm on or off or snooze the alarm.


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These reviews from: Jumbo 4 inch Digital Clock


5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing!
Sugar Bear "ohalright" (Los Angeles)


I don't have a night stand by my bed so I have to look across the room to my bookshelf to see the clock when I'm in bed. I got a green digital clock with big numbers but it just was not big or bright enough. This one I can see easily even when I'm groggy from sleep. If you want a clock you absolutely will NEVER not be able to read, this is the best one to get.


"This clock has made all the difference to me. I recently had cataract surgery and this has really helped a lot. I keep it at my bedside and I can see the time-no problem!"
David, Chicago

water cooler
water cooler



  • Power Source: 110 volt AC Adaptor Powered.
  • 3 AAA battery back-up stores clock and alarm times in case of power outage
  • Unit Dimension: 12" x 6" x 1.7"
  • 1 year warranty
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If you are not pleased with the JUMBO 4" DIGITS ALARM CLOCK just return it within 30 days for a full refund--no questions asked!!

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